US Mountain Ranger Association

Promoting fellowship & brotherhood among US Army Rangers

Fallen Ranger Memorial

Each year at the 5th RTBn Open House, the USMRA has the honor of placing the names of Fallen Rangers on a road sign at the bridge that crosses the Etowah River on Camp Frank D. Merrill. Friends and family members are invited to attend and help honor our fallen comrades.

The ceremony will be conducted in conjunction with the Critter Cookout and 5th RTB Open House.

Every student who has trained at Camp Frank D. Merrill has crossed this bridge at some time during his time in the mountains. As the Ranger students walk in the shadow of the sign, they can be inspired by the dedication to the “Ranger Way” that each man named there represents.

A Fallen Ranger must be nominated by a USMRA member. Nominees for the Fallen Ranger Memorial must meet the qualifications for membership in the USMRA. He must have been a graduate of Ranger School or served in combat operations with a Ranger unit. The member must provide a packet that includes a biography and a photo of the nominee by the February USMRA meeting. Packets can be submitted throughout the year and will be honored in order received. Six nominees are honored each year. Extras will be held for the following year.

The deadline for submitting a nomination packet is the February meeting of each year.
Download the Nomination Indormation