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Posted: 07/04/2020

Name: Bob Suchke

Message: Happy Birthday America.

We have been through a lot this year, but we still have that American Ranger "Drive on" spirit. We will get through these trials, we will persevere.

I wish all my Ranger brothers and their families a very Happy and safe Fourth of July!


Posted: 07/02/2020

Name: Bob Williams

Message: Ranger Ivan Alston passed away on June 29, 2020. Ivan served with 2/75, 2nd Ranger Company, and 1/75. No arrangements have been posted so far.

Posted: 06/29/2020

Name: Bob Williams


A message from CSM (Ret) Mike Hall for those who have served in the 75th Ranger Regiment:

I am helping the 75th build out its Ranger for Life network. We are building out the mentor and the networking connections. I am currently Executive Director of Three Rangers Foundation, which is in support of the Regt's Ranger for Life program that is getting stood up. If you could go to, and hit the Mentor button, should take less than 5 minutes to fill out a bit of info.

Posted: 06/29/2020

Name: Bob Williams

Message: As per our 2020 meeting schedule, there will NOT be a meeting in July due to the proximity of the 4th of July celebrations. Our next meeting will be 6 August.

Posted: 06/25/2020

Name: Bob Williams

Message: Don't forget to attend the reopening of the Overhang at Camp Merrill at noon on Saturday, 27 June. A remembrance ceremony will be held at 1400 to celebrate the lives of our recently Fallen Rangers.

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