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Posted: 09/26/2020

Name: Johnny quest

Message: anybody check on sonny fox

Posted: 09/17/2020

Name: Bob Williams

Message: Check out our Facebook page for details about a Shooting Clay Tournament to benefit the USMRA.

Posted: 09/13/2020

Name: Bob Williams


A week has passed since the completion of the first Veterans Unstoppable retreat in Georgia. The event was a huge success in terms of the administrative aspects, but, more importantly, a success for the participants. Each left the retreat with a solid plan for moving forward from the traumas of life and combat. I can’t disclose more than that.

I want to extend a well-deserved thank you to Amanda and Sylvia, the owners of Maple Ridge Creek Resort near Blairsville, GA. They accommodated all of our needs for the week. The food, prepared by Amanda, was above and beyond all expectations.

Thanks go out to the retreat facilitators. Mark Baylis, Glen Lippincott, and Jeremiah Johnson came down from Eastern Pennsylvania while Sharon Henderson drove over from Fayetteville, NC.

I also need to thank the many donors that allowed the retreat to happen. Multiple businesses, groups, and individuals from the Union and Lumpkin County areas gave generously to the cause of veteran suicide prevention and awareness. It is our hope to conduct a second retreat in the spring.

Posted: 09/02/2020

Name: Bob Suchke - Treasurer

Message: I want to take this opportunity to applaud our Chairman, Bob Williams, for his extraordinary fund raising efforts to support the Valor Clinic going on this week. He was able to encourage enough donors to contribute funds needed so that very little was required from the USMRA.

Valor Clinic is a worthwhile project to help Veterans dealing with serious issues. So thank you Bob for your outstanding dedication.


Posted: 08/28/2020

Name: Bob Williams

Message: Don't forget the next USMRA meeting will be September 3, at 1900 hours at the home of Drew Herbert.

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