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Posted: 07/22/2021

Name: Bob Williams

Message: I would like to express my appreciation to the many members who attended the joint 2020 and 2021 RHOF induction ceremonies at Ft. Benning on 21 July. The USMRA once again congratulates Rangers Burns, Suchke and Donavan for receiving this high honor.

Posted: 06/27/2021

Name: Jerry Roberts

Message: Ranger Jerry Roberts class 13-72 wish everyone the best. I have been speaking with Ranger James Voyles and he is alive and well. I served with him in C co 75th Rangers in Vietnam, then B co 75th at Ft Carson and then again at 2nd Ranger Bn at Ft Lewis. I worked with Sfc Perry, Roberts, Hilderbrand, at the Mountain Ranger Camp. Recently rode motorcycles through the area and got to see the camp again, wow it sure changed, anyway God Bless you, our country and all my fellow Rangers Jerry

Posted: 06/27/2021

Name: Bob Williams


There is no USMRA meeting in July.

The next meetings will be:
August 5 at the Overhang Club at 1900
September 2 at the Overhang Club at 1900
October 2 cookout at Drew Herbert's home at 1600

Posted: 06/01/2021

Name: Bob Williams


The 2021 Critter Cookout will be held June 5 on the flicker-ball field outside the gate of Camp Merrill. The Scholarship Awards, Planning Bay Recognition, and Fallen Ranger Memorial will begin at 1400. Eating will begin around 1700. The cookout out is not open to the general public.

For various reasons, we are down to two cooks for the event. If you are willing to help, please, message Chuck Windham asap at

Posted: 05/26/2021


Message: Hello Ranger Buddies.

This is Dustin Barnes, class 7-12. I was working at 5th RTB from 2015-2018 and had the privilege to meet a lot of you while here. Since getting out of the Army in 2018, my wife and I moved to Seattle and had a beautiful baby girl. She's now three and we have sold everything in Seattle and moved back to the North Georgia Mountains. I just wanted to write in here to try and get some bearings. I remember there used to be a regular Ranger Breakfast at Wagon Wheel, as well as MRA meetings at the Overhang. (I'm hoping to fill my calendar with involvement)

Since we are planting roots and raising our family here now, I would like to know any upcoming or recurring meetings and/or opportunities to be involved.

Please feel free to text or call me at (206) 293-6716 with your names and contact information if you'd like, I'd love to stay in touch with all the local ranger buddies this area has to offer as we search for our forever home in the mountains.

We are currently renting in Big Canoe until we find a house (or a cheaper rental option). I was told by a Vietnam Ranger Buddy there is a North Georgia Veterans Association meeting the second Tuesday of the month here at Big Canoe at 11:30. I'm hoping to get in contact with more ranger buddies (old and new) there.

I'm excited to see this organization is still thriving and even more excited to have a permanent presence in the North Georgia Mountains where it would appear a good amount of Rangers like to be.

Hope everyone is well.

Respectfully, Dustin Barnes

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