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Posted: 05/04/2021

Name: Brian Cunningham

Message: The 2021 USMRA Scholarship Committee has reviewed and evaluated this year’s applications. We had the opportunity to see first hand young adults who have distinguished themselves by their pursuit of excellence and their willingness to serve their communities.

After due consideration of the applications, the USMRA Scholarship Committee has selected Ms. Phoenix Waters, daughter of Ranger Jeff Waters, and Mr. Grayson Porter, son of Ranger Philip Porter, as the recipients for 2021. Each will receive a $2000 scholarship award.

The 2021 USMRA Scholarship Committee wishes to thank the membership for the honor of our serving in this capacity.

Rangers Lead the Way!

Respectfully submitted:

Ranger Bob Bischoff

Ranger Brian Cunningham

Ranger J.D. Kirby

Posted: 05/04/2021

Name: Bob Williams

Message: The next monthly USMRA meeting will be Thursday, May 6, 2021, at the Overhang on Camp Merrill at 1900.

Posted: 05/03/2021

Name: Bob Williams

Message: Congratulations to the RHOF class of 2021.
LTG Michael Ferriter
LTG Robert Wagner
MG Jeffery Bannister
COL Harvey Cook
COL Jack Donovan
COL Clarence Matsuda
COL William Powell
LTC Mark Ponzilla
CSM Ralph Borja
CSM Mark Collazos
CSM Richard L. Davis
CSM Carl Dedrick
SGM Clem Lemke
CSM Hugh A. Roberts
SGT Stephen Crabtree
HON: Jonnie Clasen

Posted: 04/30/2021

Name: Bob Williams



Critter cookout is fast approaching and we look forward to gathering once again for our long awaited annual event. This year’s Critter cookout is scheduled for 5 - 6 June and will take place close to Camp Merrill on the old flicker ball field up on the hill behind Mount Zion Baptist Church. Access the spot from Camp Wahsega Road by turning left just before the Michael J. Ramsey (Cooper Gap Road) intersection at the Ranger Camp Entrance. It is just a short drive uphill to the field. Upon entering the field, campers to the left, parking in the middle, and cookout to the right.

The cookout is open to all USMRA members and guest, all 5th RTB members and guest, all our Ranger Buddies. It is not open to the general public.

We will award several scholarships to deserving Ranger offspring and honor six Fallen Rangers as well as those still serving. The only fundraising we will be doing is in the form of donations. There will be an on-site donation jar, but if you can’t attend, you can still mail in your check or contribute through PayPal (see instructions on the home page).

Donations are always welcome anytime as we operate solely on funds donated by members and those outside partners who support our mission of giving back to the Ranger community.

Even though there is No Open House at the Ranger Camp, we hope for a big turnout up on the hill. Food and refreshments will be available and of course you can bring your own favorite beverages.

There will be Porto potties available. Cots on a ‘first come first served’ basis will be available under GP medium tents for anyone wishing to spend the night on site. Also if you want to bring your own tent and camp out, there is adequate room available.

As a reminder, Ranger Students will be in cycle during this period and absolutely No contact is allowed with them. The NCO Club, ‘The Overhang’ will be open as well as the fire pit area. Please refrain from wandering around Camp.

On Sunday morning, 6 June, there will be a short ceremony to commemorate the D- Day landings of 1944 and recall the heroic efforts of the Ranger Battalions at Point De Hoc. There are no other planned activities for 6 June.

Additional notes:
* Please help us to keep trash under control by placing all trash in an appropriate container.
* The Ranger Mess Hall will be closed due to Ranger Students in training cycle.
* All persons are urged to be on their Best behavior to avoid any negative reflection on the US Army Ranger Camp.
* No Friday fish fry, No prepared food or planned activities on Friday. Camping is allowed Friday if you wish to come early.
* Keep your pets on a leash.

Posted: 04/07/2021

Name: Johnny quest

Message: information pertaining to Terry Roderick celebration of life can be found on his daughter's Facebook page. Brandy Roderick Berry

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