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Posted: 03/19/2023

Name: gertrud roberts


is there anything I need to provide for the Fallen Ranger Memorial on 4/28/23 for my husband 1.SGT Gordon Roberts? I will attend with my sons and friends. Gertrud Roberts

Posted: 03/16/2023

Name: Tom Joyner

Message: TBoggs was my first Team Sgt. when assigned to MRC in the early 70's. Greatly respected by all. A good Man who I admired and always looked up to. RLTW.

Posted: 03/14/2023

Name: Bob Bischoff


TBoggs and I worked and walked together in 63/64 and 65. We got together a couple of times in Viet Nam, over the years we would meet on the square when I would visit from Florida. He was a good man and I am proud to say that he was my friend

Posted: 03/12/2023

Name: Bob Suchke

Message: Sad news to report:

Master Sergeant Thomas Boggs, former Ranger Instructor, and long time resident of Dahlonega, Georgia passed away on 5 March 2023. He was 90 years old. He was an outstanding Mountaineering Instructor back in the late 1960's & early 1970's. After retirement he enjoyed cabinet making and wood working.

He was known as "T Boggs" to most everyone. He was a true quiet professional and will be sorely missed. Funeral arrangements are still pending.


Posted: 03/05/2023

Name: Bob Williams


Below are the honorees for the 2023 Fallen Ranger Memorial. These Rangers will be recognized at the Critter Cookout Ceremony that will begin at 1900 on 28 April 2023, at the Overhang on Camp Merrill.

LTC Dean W Knox
1SG Gordon Roberts
SSG Hilan E Jones
SGT Mark A Rademacher
CPT Robert L Phillips
MSG Robert W Wells

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