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Posted: 05/03/2023

Name: Tom Joyner

Message: Mark Jordan has been located! Currently at Parkside Center for Nursing & Rehabilitation at Ellijay (706) 635-7881.

Posted: 04/30/2023

Name: Bob Williams

Message: The next meeting of the USMRA will be Thursday, May 4, 2023 at the Overhang on Camp Merrill at 1900. The agenda will consist of an After Actions Review of the Critter Cookout, which by the way was a smashing success.

Posted: 04/28/2023

Name: Bob Suchke

Message: Congratulations to the 2023 Ranger Hall of Fame inductees: LTC (Ret) Richard D. James CSM (Ret) Charles Donald Baldridge 1SG (Ret) Marshall C. Huckaby COL (Ret) Douglas L. Flohr MAJ (Ret) James Grimshaw LTG (Ret) Bernard S. Champoux CSM (Ret) Ralph Beam CSM (Ret) Jay Brimstin CSM (Ret) Jan Schalavin CSM (Ret) Ray A. Devens CSM (Ret) Darrin J Bohn CSM (Ret) William F. Thetford GEN (Ret.) Joseph L. Votel CSM (Ret) Richard Merritt GEN (Ret.) Raymond A. Thomas III HON: CW4 (Ret) Jose (Joe) C. Ibarra HON: Mr. Dave Ermer The Ranger Hall of Fame Ceremony is scheduled for June 22 at 1 p.m. RLTW!

Posted: 04/25/2023

Name: Tom Joyner

Message: Any Rangers needing Quarters.

Posted: 04/20/2023

Name: Walt Garren

Message: Thank for the info Bob. Walt

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