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Posted: 02/07/2020

Name: Bob Suchke - Treasurer

Message: On behalf of all the members of the USMRA, I wish to thank the Wingmen Motorcycle Club and the SID Agent Memorial Foundation for their most generous contribution to the USMRA Scholarship fund. Your donation makes it possible for us to continue our tradition of offering scholarships to deserving sons, daughters, grandsons and/or granddaughters of Rangers. THANK YOU!

For others reading this,Please consider donating to this worthy effort


Posted: 02/03/2020

Name: Bob Williams

Message: The USMRA is beginning a new year with our regular monthly meeting. Please, plan to join us at the Overhang on Thursday, Feb 6, at 1900. Be sure to bring any Scholarship and Fallen Ranger Memorial nominations. The April 25 Critter Cookout and 5th RTB Open House are fast approaching.

Posted: 01/30/2020

Name: Bob Weiner

Message: 6 Feb 2020 we will present our donation on behalf of the Sid Agent Memorial Foundation, to the student scholarship fund. RLTW

Posted: 01/27/2020

Name: Bob Williams


Fellow Rangers,
The US Mountain Ranger Association will host VALOR Clinic Foundation's Veterans Unstoppable retreat program beginning on March 29 and ending on April 3, 2020. The retreat will be held at Camp Jabez north of Blairsville, Georgia.

Veterans Unstoppable (VU) is a confidential, no-cost program and service to warriors and their loved ones facing post traumatic stress injury and other invisible wounds of military service. Veterans Unstoppable is an individually tailored 5 step life skills development program that fosters healthy life adjustments for Veterans. This addresses differences in each Veterans experiences – we recognize there isn’t a "one size fits all solution to Veteran reintegration. Veterans Unstoppable guides Veterans through the transition process in a supportive and safe environment free from distractions.

5 Step Program: Phase
1: Managing exposures and their effects Phase
2: Reducing Social Conflict Phase
3: Finding Closure to reduce stress and anxiety
Phase 4: Finding Purpose and direction in life by making a plan
Phase 5: Recreational Therapy through Fly Fishing

Participants will arrive at Camp Jabez around 1800 on Sunday evening and begin the process of healing by interacting with other veterans, receiving focused instruction ,and working through tough issues with the guidance of the VALOR staff consisting of SGM(R) Mark Baylis (Ranger Class 10-82) and Vietnam Vet Glen Lippincott. The participants will graduate and be dismissed around 1800Friday evening. Everyone is expected to remain at the retreat location for the duration of the program. All food and lodging will be provided.

Personal Note: I am a recent graduate of VU-17. The experience was truly life changing. Not only do I feel more confident in dealing with my personal struggles, but I also feel more able to talk to vets in crisis in a way that will lead to a positive outcome. If you or a veteran you know is STRUGGLING and WILLING, please, share this invitation to be a part of Veterans Unstoppable - GA.

Contact me at any time at the phone number or email address below.

Bob Williams
USMRA Chairman

Posted: 01/25/2020

Name: Joey B King

Message: Another "rundraiser" I am doing from Feb 1-29 is If you are a Ranger, you can join our team which is Darby Project USARA. If you'd like to sponsor me, you go half way down the home page to "view participant map" and type in "king" to find me. Thanks! RLTW

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