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Ranger Commemorative Rally Point Paving Stone Project

The US Mountain Ranger Association invites qualified persons to participate in the enhancement of the Ranger Commemorative Rally Point and the support of the USMRA Scholarship program.

In 2013, the USMRA was able to build a Ranger sized fire pit where the swimming pool was for years. The next step toward completing the Ranger Commemorative Rally Point is the addition of a patio consisting of stone pavers that will surround the fire pit and eventually include a walkway to the deck of the Overhang. Many will remember the Overhang as the Camp Merrill NCO Club.

All of the proceeds from the Ranger Commemorative Rally Point fundraiser will go toward strengthening the USMRA Scholarship program. The goal of the USMRA is to be in a position to offer more than two scholarships per year.

The paving stones are offered to those who meet the following qualifications:

  • Ranger School Graduate
  • Severed with a Ranger unit in combat
  • Awarded the Ranger Tab by General Executive Order for:
    • World War II Ranger Battalions
    • Merrill’s Marauders (5307th Composite Unit Provisional)
    • Ranger Infantry Companies (Airborne of Korean War)
    • Sponsored by a UMSRA member for service to the Ranger Community
  • Paving stones are offered in two sizes: 5”x5” for $75 and 10”x10” for $100.

Download and print the Application Form.

Payment can be completed at the Donate link below. Be sure to indicate Commemorative Stone in the Add Special Instructions at the top of the PayPal page.

Send questions to Stephen Caldwell at

Commemorative Stones