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Posted: 05/19/2021

Name: Tom Wilburn


I wanted to make this post to describe a few things that I saw USMRA members involved with over the last couple of weeks. Since most of our members are not in the immediate area you may not be aware of the “reach” of this relatively small Association. Recently we had work days to help other Rangers with clean up and maintenance projects. Volunteers had a great time while helping accomplish needed tasks. The same week Rangers Kevin Connell and Stan Kelley retired yet “again” after extended service as the Lumpkin County Manager / Planner (Stan) and the Commanders Advisor / Safety / Ranger Continuity at CFM (Kevin). These retirements were well attended and supported by the USMRA members. Thanks to both of these great Americans for upholding the Ranger standard in everything they do!

Off the radar are USMRA committee members and individuals supporting a wide range of Veterans activities. Scholarship Committee members have been working to recognize the worthiest candidates who will be honored at the Critter cook-out. Our Ranger Hall of Fame representative (Mike Ramsey) represented USMRA at the annual RHoF board at FBGA where one of our own, COL (R) Jack Donovan was selected for the 2021 RHoF class.

Many USMRA members tirelessly and without fanfare prepare for the Critter Cook-out, make preparations to honor our fallen comrades, gather resources so that everyone can enjoy themselves at the Critter cookout and support the Active-duty Rangers at CFM. Even less evident are the many USMRA members who travel, sometimes long distances, to honor our fallen Rangers, visit those who are sick, and to just be there to lend a hand to a fellow Ranger if needed.

I am amazed at the level and intensity of engagement that this organization is able to produce and proud to be a member of this organization.

Posted: 05/17/2021

Name: tom joyner

Message: Mark Jordon is currently admitted in N.E. Ga. medical Ctr. Lumpkin Co. Hosp. room #208. Diabetes issues.

Posted: 05/04/2021

Name: Brian Cunningham

Message: The 2021 USMRA Scholarship Committee has reviewed and evaluated this year’s applications. We had the opportunity to see first hand young adults who have distinguished themselves by their pursuit of excellence and their willingness to serve their communities.

After due consideration of the applications, the USMRA Scholarship Committee has selected Ms. Phoenix Waters, daughter of Ranger Jeff Waters, and Mr. Grayson Porter, son of Ranger Philip Porter, as the recipients for 2021. Each will receive a $2000 scholarship award.

The 2021 USMRA Scholarship Committee wishes to thank the membership for the honor of our serving in this capacity.

Rangers Lead the Way!

Respectfully submitted:

Ranger Bob Bischoff

Ranger Brian Cunningham

Ranger J.D. Kirby

Posted: 05/04/2021

Name: Bob Williams

Message: The next monthly USMRA meeting will be Thursday, May 6, 2021, at the Overhang on Camp Merrill at 1900.

Posted: 05/03/2021

Name: Bob Williams

Message: Congratulations to the RHOF class of 2021.
LTG Michael Ferriter
LTG Robert Wagner
MG Jeffery Bannister
COL Harvey Cook
COL Jack Donovan
COL Clarence Matsuda
COL William Powell
LTC Mark Ponzilla
CSM Ralph Borja
CSM Mark Collazos
CSM Richard L. Davis
CSM Carl Dedrick
SGM Clem Lemke
CSM Hugh A. Roberts
SGT Stephen Crabtree
HON: Jonnie Clasen

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