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Posted: 10/28/2020

Name: Bob Williams

Message: Doug Thompkins

Posted: 10/27/2020

Name: Johnny quest

Message: thanks ranger tomkins for info add your first name pls

Posted: 10/26/2020

Name: Chuck Windham, Vice Chairman

Message: Ranger Jimmy Phelps notified me that R I and 75 Regiment member Gorge Petro has passed away. We don't have and information or details of his passing.

Posted: 10/25/2020

Name: Bob Williams


Johnny Quest:
From Ranger Thompkins
Someone had asked about Sonny Fox on 09/29 of last month. I live about two miles from Sonny and had a great visit with him today. Sonny had a medical procedure in the last month but seems to be doing well. Sonny had a huge smile on his face when he was sharing a story about waking Ranger Parten up late one night to inform him he was shipping out to Ranger school the next morning.

Posted: 10/15/2020

Name: Bob Williams


The 5 November USMRA meeting will be held at the American Legion Hall at 132 Legion Road in Dahlonega, GA at 1900 hours. Pass the word around and bring a Ranger Buddy with you.

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