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Posted: 06/21/2020

Name: Bob Williams

Message: We will no longer accept orders for Critter Cookout t-shirts or Weapons Raffle tickets through our website. They will be available at the Overhang Club on Camp Merrill and through their online store.

Posted: 06/15/2020

Name: Tom Wilburn


During our most recent meeting USMRA voted to provide a "keepsake" or memento to the winners of the 75th Ranger Regiments Soldier, NCO, and Officer of the year on 22 July 2020. I volunteered to procure and produce or arrange production of the award with input from those present. I would also welcome input from others who were not in attendance.

I have met the requirements set forth as discussed at the monthly meeting on 11 June. We plan to use a local wood shop here in Dahlonega to produce a "live edge" plaque with a unique shape (although basically rectangular) made of wood from the North Georgia Mountains. Each Plaque will be unique in shape, texture, and type wood (walnut, cherry, oak, Mimosa, etc). The plaque will have the Ranger Creed ("of my Ranger Regiment" version) and an inscription that will read "Presented to the 75th Ranger Regiment 2020 Soldier/ NCO/ Officer of the year from the United States Mountain Ranger Association centered at the bottom. On the left of this inscription will be the 75th Distinctive Unit Insignia and on the right will be the USMRA logo. Soldiers actual name will not be present as we don't find out who won until about three days prior to presentation.

Please contact me direct at if you have additional input or suggestions to make this a meaningful and unique award. Input will be accepted until 17 June 2020 before we start production. Thanks, Tom

Posted: 06/12/2020

Name: Bob Williams

Message: We received word the Ranger Jeff Franks passed away this week. He was and instructor at Camp Merrill in the early 80's. If you have more information, please, post it here.

Posted: 06/10/2020

Name: James ( Jim ) Regan

Message: Glad you guys are going to meet. "HI" to all, hope all's well w/ you and yours. We're fine here. I've got my shirt and Raffle tickets. Waitin' for the notification call ! Take care, have a great meeting. Remember; Double arm interval(but ya don't have to do push-ups, and wash yer hands. See ya next year. Jim RLTW/L&P :)

Posted: 06/09/2020

Name: Bob Williams

Message: I will have Critter Cookout shirts and raffle tickets at the meeting on Thursday. Shirts $20. Raffle tickets $10.

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