For God and Country we associate ourselves together for the following purposes: to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States of America, to foster and perpetuate American beliefs and values--one hundred percent and then some, to recognize those who have honorably served our nation, and to honor and support those who are in keeping with the highest RANGER TRADITIONS.


The name of this organization shall be the U.S. MOUNTAIN RANGER ASSOCIATION.


The objectives and purposes of this association shall be to promote the principles and policies of the forgoing preamble and to promote BROTHERHOOD AMONG ALL RANGERS.


Section 1. The association is a civilian organization with lineage and honors coming from the MOUNTAIN RANGER CAMP, now known as the 5th RANGER TRAINING BATTALION, Camp Frank D. Merrill, Dahlonega, Georgia.

Section 2. Rank does not exist in the organization, unless between two Active Duty Military members.


Membership of the association shall be veterans who have been assigned to RANGER UNITS for combat operations and/or who have been awarded the coveted RANGER TAB.


Section 1. The Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer shall govern the administrative affairs of this association, except as designated or appointed by special committee.

Section 2. All officers shall be elected from within the association annually, and they shall hold office until their successors are duly installed.

Section 3. The officers will dutifully represent the association and its members as provided for in the by-laws.


Charter Members of this association are those members who were in attendance at the organizational meeting prior to October 11, 1998.


1. Cause:

In recognition of the fact that once an application is approved under Article IV – Membership of the USMRA Constitution and the applicant has demonstrated proper credentials that he is fully qualified to assume voluntary membership in USMRA, termination of membership may only be made for cause and upon majority vote of the membership during a regularly scheduled meeting. Such causes may include but are not limited to:

  1. Fraudulent application or credentials.
  2. Inappropriate or improper conduct while participating in any USMRA function or activity.
  3. Conviction of a felony in any court of law.

Fraudulent application or credentials – If at any time it is discovered that an applicant has presented false, fraudulent, or insufficient documentation to qualify for membership in USMRA, the individual may be removed from the role of members upon vote of the membership. Appeals may be considered on a case by case basis. USMRA is under no obligation in this connection; it shall be the responsibility of the applicant solely to provide proof of qualification.

Inappropriate or improper conduct while participating in any USMRA function or activity – All members are to be guided by the highest standards of conduct. Members have an obligation to continually set the example of highest standards during all USMRA activities and functions. Proper conduct and morality are paramount in all USMRA activities just as the motto of the Ranger is to “Lead the way.” The essence of leadership is in setting the right example and all USMRA members are expected to continually conduct themselves accordingly. Failure to maintain traditional standards of leadership in consonance with the Ranger tradition or any action or speech that brings discredit upon USMRA or its membership may result in prohibition from facilities and/or activities, suspension from active membership, or involuntary termination of membership in USMRA.

Conviction of a felony in any court of law – The membership status of any member who is convicted of a felony while a member of USMRA is subject to review by the membership and may result in termination of membership.

2. Degrees of termination

Voluntary termination (Resignation) – A member may tender a resignation at any time for any reason. Upon acceptance, the members name will be removed from the roll.

Involuntary termination – Under the conditions outlined above, a member may be permanently terminated for cause upon majority vote of the membership during a regularly scheduled meeting. Such a member may reapply for reinstatement after one calendar year.

Requests for reinstatement must be made in writing to the President, USMRA, and are subject to the review and approval of the membership.

Suspension – Any member failing to abide by generally accepted rules of conduct in accordance with the Ranger tradition may, upon majority vote of the membership, be temporarily suspended from membership for a time specified by the voting membership, but not to exceed one calendar year.

Such a member may apply in writing for reinstatement at any time during the suspension period to the President, USMRA, and is subject to the review and approval of the membership.

Prohibition from facilities and/or activities – Under special circumstances a member may be prohibited from attendance at selected activities and functions related to specific facilitates. For example, USMRA regularly meets within the confines of Camp Frank D. Merrill (CFM) and only with the approval of the Commander, 5th Ranger Training Battalion (RTB). All USMRA activities conducted on CFM are subject to approval from the Commander, 5th RTB. In particular, all USMRA members are to avoid any contact with Ranger students except as approved by the Commander, 5th RTB.

If for any reason a member is expelled from CFM, though they may continue in USMRA membership, they will not be allowed to attend the regularly scheduled meetings or any other function conducted at CFM unless and until they have been approved by the Commander 5th RTB.

Requests for reinstatement must be made in writing to the Commander, 5th RTB after review of the request by the President, USMRA.

3. Notification

Any member subjected to any of the above terminal actions will be notified by the President, USMRA, or his designated representative, of the action taken, the duration, and procedures for reinstatement, if any.


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