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Posted: 5/2/2018
Name: Jim Regan
Message: Good morning Guys. We have until 15 May to get the pic/pics of Col. Yon in,(re; my "Moose Tale sent to Patrolling Magazine.)Chuck and a couple of other guys said they has some pics. If you send them to me via e-mail, I can get them to the right guy. I reckon it will now turn out to be a "collage" of pics to add to the Tale. Thanks for your help on this.

My e-mail address is ;


Posted: 4/30/2018
Name: Chuck Windham, Vice Chairman
Message: Greeting to all. Another Open House and Critter Cookout has come and gone. Blessed with a beautiful day, lots of donations, and a tremendous cook staff, the association fed almost 500 hundred attendees.

I want to thank all the Rangers who stepped forward and donated pheasant, bison, venison, catfish, turkey,and chicken for the cookout. A special thank you to the Huckaby Brothers for our gator tail jambalaya on Friday, and the breakfast burritos Saturday Morning. The list of cooks goes on forever with the Head family and Michelle and Betty helping prepare everything. Good to have Al Partan back in apron again! The PAPA Co. Rangers did their usual good deeds. Thanks to Ranger Bob Suchke for proving help and transportation this year. Thank you to all who donated either food, money, or time to make this such a wonderful outcome. A shout out to the Tomato House for a great donation of meat!

It takes a lot folks and hands to make this happen, and they deserve your pat on the back! We missed Mike, but had two different types of Gumbo! RLTW

Posted: 4/30/2018
Name: Jim Regan
Message: Yet another great gathering of the Mountain Ranger Association, our "Critter Cookout!" Always good to see my ol' Ranger Buddies, and meet some new folks.

I'm home, safe and sound. Thanks to my Buddy, Ranger Mike Jaussaud, We had a wonderful weekend; meeting up w/ our ol' Ranger Buddies, hearing all the Tales, and man,there were a thousand Tales a flyin'! Then the time spent recognizing great people w/ the road signs, etc.

The Open House went off without a noticeable hiccup, as usual. Thanks to everyone who had a hand in making this another memorable Open House & CCO! Thinking about next year, already! Have a great Summer and hope to se ya next Spring! Jim RLTW/L&P :)

Posted: 4/27/2018
Name: Michael Keohane
Message: Best wishes to the cooks & helpers tonight at the Fish Fry and tomorrow's Critter Cookout. I wish that I could be there this year but family obligations come first. I will really miss seeing everyone and tasting the offerings of my fellow cooks. Have a great time everyone.

Posted: 4/17/2018
Name: Chuck Windham, Vice Chairman
Message: Greeting: Time is getting close for the Fish Fry and the CCO. I need for those who are donating items to please contact me, so I can plan accordingly. Please advise by e-mail. Marshall,J.D., Bob, Brian I have you listed. Looking forward to a great time!


Page 9 of 780: Total of 3899 messages
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