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Posted: 3/16/2017
Name: Bob Bischoff

Nice article in the North Georgia News (Blairsville, GA) newspaper this week about Tom Wilburn receiving a "Quilt of Valor." The article didn't mention Tom being a RHOF inductee. Kudos to Tom. (If I can remember, I will bring the article to our April meeting. RLTW

Posted: 3/14/2017
Name: Andy Anderson
Message: I just received a call from Lisa Henry. Bob Henry who served at the Ranger Camp passed away recently.

Posted: 3/11/2017
Name: Ron rice
Message: Doug Perry, many thx for info. Hope u get to feeling better soon. Agent orange got a hold on me. Quadruple heart bypasses. 28 % of one kidney left. 3 aortic aneurysm's. Left foot and leg still suffering from explosion. But still have the Ranger spirit in me and still climb 20 ft in a tree stand to deer hunt. Not read y for a rocking chair yet. Be 77 july. Tell Andy I said hello please and take care. RLTW AATW "ROPES RICE"

Posted: 3/9/2017
Name: Willard Langdon
Message: Thanks, Jim, for those precious memories. Of course we all lived in the same trailer park. Sorry I left you out; it's been a tough week. For me, with Joyce's passing, a little light has gone out in this world. Again, thank you so much.

Posted: 3/8/2017
Name: Mike Keohane
Message: I have become aware of a new scam that hackers are using to get money from you through your credit cards. It takes advantage of the fact that most people trust computer addition. With few exceptions, when we get our monthly credit card statement, we compare our receipts with the items debited on the statement. If they agree, we either pay all or a part of the balance. The hackers have found a way of adding "ghost charges" to your account that can only be recognized if you make an independent total of the figures. if your card is one on those hacked, your total will be less than the statement total. I noticed this on January 25th when my total was $ 202.43 less than the total on my bank statement. Check your statements and pass the word. RLTW

Page 8 of 732: Total of 3658 messages
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