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Posted: 1/30/2008
Name: Doug Perry
Message: Marjorie Jones, wife and widow of CSM Carl Jones has passed and the funeral was yesterday.Carl was a past CSM of the MRC.If anyone knows how to get in touch with CSM (SNAKE) Collier,please let him know.Marjorie was a cousin of mine and her,and she will be missed by all.She leaves behind two sons Preston and Patrick of FrogTown RLTW>

Posted: 1/30/2008
Name: ~C
Message: Joe - this move back home doesn't mean that Grandma has passed, does it?

Posted: 1/30/2008
Name: Joe Mattison
Message: Jan and I are moving back to our home in Wellsville, New York sometime around the middle of April. My next trip to North Georgia will be on/about 31 March. My son and I are going to do some trout fishing. We'll stop in, and revisit our old "Army Home" (Mountain Ranger Camp)while there. Take care

Posted: 1/27/2008
Message: Rangers, I missed the last meeting because I was on the way for my 4th tour in Vietnam - The last was Dec 66-Dec 67. I will have to say it is a beautiful country and seems to have recovered from the war very well. There is alot of free enterprise in existence and the tourist trade is awesome. The Vietnamese people are the friendliest in the world - I won't bore you with more. For what it's worth, the CCO should be for Rangers and Rangers alone - The first I attended was at Penn Cove and I thought it was great - I think the end of the runway may be ok but we should emphasize that it is for Rangers only!! RLTW - JC

Posted: 1/26/2008
Name: Pat Corcoran
Message: Thanks for the update 1SG Runyon, I did not know at all about SFC Meth. I was with Carlo in C Co from 02-05, and I can verify he was one of the finest Rangers I've been humbled to work with. I remember spending many o long ones out there watching Carlo train countless Rangers, and I am confident they always got 100% and then some. It is good to hear from Troy C. I was in DC a few weeks ago, but did not know you were there. I sure would like to make the CCO, but not likely this year. If your there scuff up Doug fer me, Derek too for that matter, EW, Dave O.... Good to hear from everyone. Here's my Freq. (863)640-1633 RLTW PC

Page 771 of 782: Total of 3909 messages
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