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Posted: 3/19/2008
Message: what is going on with Doug we are pretty much out of the loop so let us know!!!!!!!!!

Posted: 3/18/2008
Name: Al Parten
Message: Steve, I coordinated with PeeWee Anderson a little while ago, he'll have the grill there. I also called Bishop and he may be able to help. tried to call Dan, left msg on his machine, should hear back from him soon.Who is the Liason at CFM that I may need to talk to ? BTW, Doug P. Had a Heart Cath. a day or so ago and probably will not be at the Cookout Sat. RLTW Al P.

Posted: 3/18/2008
Name: Steve Hawk
Message: Rangers

This Saturday is the Easter Egg Hunt for the kids. This year it will take place behind the NCO Club at the Camp. Unfortunately I have to be with the Color Guard for JROTC at State Meet. The grand Prize baskets are at the camp along with all the food. I will take the rest of the prizes there on Thursday. I will have the Cadets fill the eggs with candy today and tommorrow and have then Thursday at the club. I know Al will be there, so I hope some of you can help. Be there at 0830 to hide eggs and prepare to cook the food. I have hamburgers, hotdogs, chips and drinks at the club. Charcoal and lighter fluid also. Dan, can you get plates, napkins,spoons, forks etc, cheese, tomatos, onions and lettuce on friday or Saturday morning. PeeWee can you move your grill behind the club before Saturday? Guys, I'm sorry I can't be there but we just got word on Color Guard Meet. First time I will miss the egg hunt. Also I got the throw and they left out the climber and Ranger Instructor off of the emlem on the throw. They advised that the image did not come in clear when they got the picture. I have resubmitted.


Posted: 3/17/2008
Name: John Moore ( Ranger Moore)
Message: Great new look to the site Bob. I hope all is well back in the good ol USA, be back soon.. "RLTW"

Posted: 3/15/2008
Name: Mark E Jordan

...hopefully, for some of us, XXX t-shirts will be available at the Open House/Critter Cookout...

...I hope to relocate again back to the TVD and would prefer living like thoreau, way back in the forest...if anyone has an idea about a contact person, please call and leave a message...770 366 4838... close to CFM as possible would be ideal!... Mark RI 79/80

Page 751 of 776: Total of 3879 messages
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