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Posted: 5/1/2008
Name: Brian Cunningham
Message: The honorees for the 2008 USMRA Planning Bay Naming Honors are:

Ranger Roger McDonald 1962

Ranger Bobby Meadows 1968

Ranger Harry "Chip" Speaker 1968

Ranger Mike Flack 1969

Ranger Bill Miller 1969

Ranger Brian Cunningham 1969

The custom designed signs for each planning bay will be presented during the USMRA portion of the program at the 5th Ranger Bn Open House on 10 May 2008.

Congratulations, Rangers!

Posted: 4/30/2008
Name: Joe Mattison
Message: To: Bob, thanks for the update, and thanks for the positive attitude. Keep up the fight my friend, all the way...sometimes, miracles do happen, we just never know who or when. Maybe, you have the winning ticket as the next "miracle winner". I hope you do, and I know that the rest of us also have the same hope. Take care Ranger Buddy, and have fun at the CCO! Joe

Posted: 4/30/2008
Name: Brian Cunningham
Message: After due consideration of the applications, it is the decision of the 2008 USMRA Scholarship Committee that Stephanie Housewright, James Gray, Alexandra DeMartini, and Brittany Bryan be recognized as the winners for 2008. They will each receive a $500 scholarship award.

Award checks and certificates will be distributed at the 5th Ranger Battalion Open House on Saturday, May 10, 2008, at Camp Frank D. Merrill. If a scholarship winner is unable to attend the Open House, his/her check and certificate will be mailed to them following the ceremony. RLTW

Posted: 4/30/2008
Name: Bob Myhre
Message: To everyone out there wondering what my staus is so far as how my cancer is going. Well, here is the latest sitrep from my Doctor yesterday at chemo. Is still between 6 months to a year. As awlays being a Ranger I'm still battling it to push for more then a year. I want to thank everyone who has called or notified me through email, etc. that I really appreciate it. I plan to be at the Critter Cookout coming up. Also, I myself like Al when will the winning Scholarship recipients be notified? I'll see you all at the cookout. RLTW: Bob.

Posted: 4/28/2008
Name: Al Parten
Message: To the USMRA Scholarship Commitee, when do you Rangers make the decision on those being awarded ? Al P.

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