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Posted: 4/18/2017
Name: Doug Perry

Chuck, I have meat. Will bring it out Fri. Will you be there? RLTW.....

Posted: 4/15/2017
Name: Lance Bagley
Message: Rangers, looking forward to seeing everyone next week. I don't have any exotic meats, but I can bring some sides. What do you need? Also, the main bugler from the UNG Military band will be at the event. He plays TAPS at most of the UNG events. If you would like, I can ask if he would play taps for the Fallen Ranger ceremony. RLTW!

Posted: 4/14/2017
Name: Brian Cunningham
Message: The 2017 USMRA Scholarship Committee has selected Ms. Abigail Lewis, daughter of Ranger Matthew Lewis, as a recipient for 2017. She will receive a $1000 scholarship award. The 2017 USMRA Scholarship Committee thanks the membership for the honor to serve in this capacity. RLTW Respectfully submitted: Ranger Bob Bischoff Ranger Brian Cunningham Ranger J.D. Kirby

Posted: 4/14/2017
Name: Mike Keohane
Message: WARNING : To all Rangers with accounts in Chase Bank, especially Chase VISA Freedom. Both my VISA Freedom account (effective 1/25/17) and my checking account (effective 4/12/17) have been "hacked." When I noticed the VISA hack, I reported it to Chase but they don't seem to understand my complaint. What the hackers are doing is adding "ghost charges" to the accounts. Since I keep spreadsheets on all my accounts, I noticed that my balance from 1/11/17 was $ 632.62 while Chase's balance was $ 835.05 - a difference of $ 202.43. I double checked the seventeen charges listed and ran another total on another calculator. My figures were correct. On April 12th, my checking account was hacked and my balance in that account of $ 538.37 was removed. That left a balance of $ 0.00 in my account. I have reported this to Chase but I have strong doubts that the Chase employees have either the competence or resources to solve this situation. If you have a Chase VISA account,check your online statement and make an independent total of all debits & credits, if your total is different than Chase's, you have been hacked. Report this to Chase immediately.

Posted: 4/10/2017
Name: Bob Suchke-Treasurer
Message: Calling all Rangers.

The United States Mountain Ranger Association (USMRA) is hosting a Fish Fry, Critter Cookout and Fallen Ranger Memorial ceremony in conjunction with the 5th Ranger Training Battalion’s (5th RTB) Open House at Camp Frank D. Merrill in Dahlonega, Georgia 21-23 April 2017.

The USMRA is awarding a $1000.00 Scholarship to the daughter of Ranger Stephen Milton. Six Fallen Rangers will be honored at the Fallen Ranger Memorial ceremony. Six living former Ranger Instructors will also be honored with Ranger Planning Bay signs named in their honor.

Ranger School Graduates, Ranger Instructors and Rangers who have served in a Ranger unit in combat or those who are still serving our nation are all invited. There will be a special gathering of former Ranger Instructors who served at the Mountain Ranger Camp back in 1968-1974 during the Vietnam Era.

During the USMRA meeting and after the 5th RTB Rangers in Action Demonstration, there will be a fundraiser auction of donated items for the purpose of continuing USMRA’s support of the Ranger Community. Suggested auction items include: Ranger related mementoes, knives, outdoor gear, and other small items in good taste. Remember we are guests of the 5th RTB Commander. Please no yard sale items or junk. Auctioneer will have final decision on any items to be included in auction. All proceeds from auction will be added to the USMRA General Fund account.

Special 2017 Critter Cookout tee shirts will be available for purchase at the Overhang Club.

The USMRA Fish Fry is Friday afternoon 21 April is behind the Overhang NCO Club There are several hundred fresh trout being prepared for your enjoyment.

On Saturday 22 April will be the main events. 5th RTB will be conducting their Rangers in Action Demonstration, Hand to Hand Combat exhibition, Weapons and equipment displays, Helicopter static displays and if the weather permits, High Altitude Parachuting Demonstration Jumps onto Mosby Army Airfield. Many other things to see and do will also be part of the 5th RTB Open House.

Critter Cookout will feature culinary delights of all types: You can try some alligator bites, venison chili, bear meat, elk, moose and other critter concoctions to delight your pallet. Hot dog and hamburgers also available for selective diets. Serving line will start around 1700 hrs. Donations to offset our costs are not required, but greatly appreciated.

Guests, Friends, Crusty Old Rangers, Young Rangers, Privates to General Officers please come enjoy Critter Cookout and the 5th RTB Open House with us 21-23 April. We hope to see you there. Rangers Lead the Way!

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