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Posted: 4/1/2017
Name: Ron rice
Message: Doug Perry, many thx for info. Hope u get to feeling better soon. Agent orange got a hold on me. Quadruple heart bypasses. 28 % of one kidney left. 3 aortic aneurysm's. Left foot and leg still suffering from explosion. But still have the Ranger spirit in me and still climb 20 ft in a tree stand to deer hunt. Not read y for a rocking chair yet. Be 77 july. Tell Andy I said hello please and take care. RLTW AATW "ROPES RICE"

Posted: 4/1/2017
Name: Sharon Hall
Message: Hey, Brian Cunningham - Are any of the guys being honored this year at the Fallen Ranger Memorial local? If so could you please provide me with their photos and bios and I will do my best to get something in the paper. I would like to do it ahead of time so that any one their friends/acquaintances who might want to attend would know about it. Thanks! Sharon

Posted: 3/30/2017
Name: Ray Schuetze
Message: So sorry to hear of Chief Weaver's passing! He was the greatest supply officer and help to all of us, including myself in particular, at the camp for many years! My condolences to his family! May he rest in peace! Rangers Lead The Way! Ray Schuetze

Posted: 3/29/2017
Name: Laura Armstrong
Message: To Our Customers: The Camp Merrill PX FTX and Open House Hours for the month of April 2017 are as follows: FTX HOURS: April 3-7 2017 0700-1500 OPEN HOUSE: Saturday 22 April 2017 0800-1600

Posted: 3/24/2017
Name: Brian Cunningham
Message: Chief Bill Weaver was one of a kind, an old soldier of impeccable character. He was the Supply Officer when I commanded 2nd Ranger Co. He always had a great story to tell about his many experiences including his service at The White House in the early Sixties. Rest In Peace, Chief. You served your country with honor and distinction.

Page 6 of 732: Total of 3658 messages
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