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Posted: 1/14/2008
Name: Brian Cunningham
Message: U. S. Mountain Ranger Association Scholarship Program The USMRA will award two $500 scholarships each year. The winners will be announced at the 5th RTB Open House.
Prerequisites are:
· Be the son, daughter, grandson, or granddaughter of a USMRA member.
· Be a graduating senior of a recognized public or private school or a home schooled senior student preparing to enter an accredited college or other post secondary institution.
· Be nominated in writing by a USMRA member.
· Submit an application packet including all the following:
· Biographical summary or resume of any or all of the following: extra curricular activities, civic or community services activities, religious or secular humanitarian service work.
· Written verification of qualification for graduation (from school counselor or home school teacher).
· A statement from the nominating USMRA member denoting why the applicant should be considered.
· A 500 word essay, typed or neatly written. The subject for the essay is “What Can I Do to Be A Better Citizen?” The essay should be written in first person, singular. The intent of the essay is to convey the applicant’s beliefs and values.
· Include applicant name and applicant phone number on all submitted documents.
· Once submitted, packets become property of USMRA and will not be returned to the applicants. Incomplete packets will not be considered.
· The checks will be awarded to the selected individuals upon proof of acceptance to an accredited college or post secondary education institution. If this is available at the time of packet submission, it should also be included.
· Scholarship application deadline is the April meeting (3 April 2008).
***Do not send official transcripts or identity information of any kind (SSAN, for example). These are not needed.***
Packets can be mailed to:
Brian Cunningham P.O. Box 208, Gainesville, GA 30503

Posted: 1/14/2008
Name: amie close
Message: I tried that Doug and that addres comes back invalid, so see if you can't get a more current address for me or a phone # , and I will tell Roy you said hey , he is doing fine and will be home next month for r&r anyhoo talk to you soon Amie

Posted: 1/14/2008
Name: Doug Perry
Message: Amie Close go to the membership roster and double click on Ramjets name and his e-mail will come up.Tell Roy hello and to watch his top-knot. Hope to see you all soon.

Posted: 1/13/2008
Name: amie close
Message: Does anyone have Mike Ramsey's current e-mail I have a few questions for him about getting into the coast guard for my sister's daughters boyfriend sine I believe hisd son is in the coast guard thanks

Posted: 1/13/2008
Name: Earl Singletary
Message: Hey Rocky, Glad to see you are still kicking... As for the critter cook out I'm the one that brought this up. I feel like we had gotten away from the real reason for the CCO in the first place and that was for us Rangers to get together and enjoy each others' company.If you have it at the Club there are too many distractions. Also the strap hangers eat up all the food. The end of the air strip sounds like a great place to me and it should be the same day as the open house. There was a lot of discusion about whether ladies should be allowed. I don't care, but if they come they should have the proper equipment flack vest and helment. When Roger starts telling war stories a lot of shrapnel fliess around... Doug, remember the Hero helment we had at the club?

Page 791 of 795: Total of 3973 messages
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