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Posted: 1/20/2008
Name: Derek
Message: This link is to the Bio of SFC Carlo Meth, a former Cco RI. He died in a Halo Jump in Fayetteville last week. I also want to tell everyone that Maj Harris (his wife and less than a year old son), the Aco Commander, had a house fire a couple of days ago. He and his family lost most everything. He will be able to move into Porter village soon and they will probaly not ask for any help but we very seldom need asked, do we? I suggest that if anyone has something to donate that they post it on the site or call Aco ext. 307 and if they need it we can get it for them. I just found a house before X-mass for a family that was burned out and there was so many donations that they were recieving 2 and 3 of the same thing for weeks. Thanks, 1sg Runyon

Posted: 1/20/2008
Name: Tom Wilburn

As I periodically check this site while deployed, it helps keep me and many other Rangers in touch with our Mountain Ranger Brothers. Unfortunantely there are far too many postings of Rangers headed to their final Patrol Base. (God bless them all)

I thought it would be good to share something positive with everyone. Ranger(1SG) John Coomer recently earned the Silver Star and was recognized at Fort Bragg during an awards ceremony after his redeployment. 1SG Coomer is far too modest to share his exploits with his Ranger buddies so I thought I would pass this along. The link at the bottom of the page takes you (or paste it into your browser)to the video clip about his heroics. I am personally very proud of great Americans and former CFM heroes like John and just wanted to share the good news of Mountain Rangers still leading the way!He is not the only one out there doing great things either. Lets all pass along the good news of these great men!

Posted: 1/17/2008
Name: Al Parten
Message: Doug, 216-7710 not 265. AP

Posted: 1/17/2008
Name: Roy Close
Message: By God boys did I train my APL right or what!!!!That is a honor grad "Go"

Posted: 1/16/2008
Name: amie close
Message: Well, I am going to put in my 2 cents in for what it is worth, the critter cook out oringinaly started with the soul intention for Rangers old and new to get together and tell old war stories and of course tall tales and have a few beers and belts, I know Roy always looked forward to those campouts when we were in the area and he has fond memories of the one critter cook out when he came home at around 4:30am with just an empty bourbon bottle and a smile on his face but managed to misplace his truck somewhere in the woods which he did find later that day, but he had had a blast, so I am going to have to say I am in aggreement with MacElliot on this one, but me personally I would rather hang out with my girlfriends in town and take the RV, Roy can sleep under the stars, than hang out with a bunch of old Rangers with holes in thier underwear! Amie

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