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Posted: 4/23/2019
Name: Chuck Windham, Vice Chairman

Fish to be delivered at 1100 hrs Thursday, Camp Merrill. Come by and help the recycles and Chuck clean 300 lbs of the freshest Rainbow Trout you will ever see.

Other than Tom and Doug, do we have any other meat donations? Let me know. I do not have cell service on post! RLTW


Posted: 4/8/2019
Name: Brian Cunningham
Message: The 2019 USMRA Scholarship Committee has completed review of this year’s four applications. We had the opportunity to see first hand young adults who have distinguished themselves by their pursuit of excellence and their willingness to serve their communities. All the applicants were absolutely top-notch, and evaluating their applications was an exceptionally challenging task. All are very deserving of an award, though only two may be selected.

And so, after due consideration of the applications, the USMRA Scholarship Committee has selected Mr. Elijah T. Porter, son of Ranger Philip Porter, and Ms. Sara Kelough, granddaughter of Ranger Willie Nuñez, as the recipients for 2019. Each will receive a $2000 scholarship award.

The 2019 USMRA Scholarship Committee wishes to thank the membership for the honor of our serving in this capacity.

Rangers Lead the Way!

Respectfully submitted:

Ranger Bob Bischoff

Ranger J.D. Kirby

Ranger Brian Cunningham

Posted: 4/8/2019
Name: Bob Suchke-Treasurer
Message: I was deeply honored to represent the USMRA and the USARA at the 42nd Annual ALL AIRBORNE Awards Festival at Fort Benning/Columbus, Ga. this past Saturday.

It was a great event with the CG of Fort Benning making the guest speaker remarks.

Besides the USARA, there were Members representing the 11th Abn Div, 555th Abn Regt, 82nd Abn Div, 101st Abn Div and Republic of Vietnam Airborne were also present. I had to try a few phrases in Vietnamese and it was great to see many old soldiers. Also present were a large number troopers from the 507th Airborne Brigade. Those guys are the "Black Hats" that run jump school.

This is a worth while event and I have high hopes that others from our organization will have an opportunity to attend. I was grateful to have Garry Curtis and his wife also there to support me. Thanks to all for allowing me to represent the USMRA. RLTW!

Posted: 4/8/2019
Name: Bob Bischoff

The Airborne Ranger Training Brigade honored our USMRA treasurer LTC Bob Suchke as paratrooper of the year on 6 April. Anxiously awaiting report from Bob on the event. Congratulations Bullet!

Posted: 4/4/2019
Name: Bob Williams
Message: USMRA meeting tonight 4 April at 1900 in the Overhang.

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