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Posted: 6/23/2019
Name: Bob Bischoff

Just returned from Cape Cod. The town of Chatham has a bar/pub called Squire. All sorts of stuff all over, the ceiling is loaded with license plates, flags etc. The biggest item in there is a huge RANGER flag. No one there seemed to know the origin.

Posted: 6/7/2019
Name: Bob Suchke - Treasurer
Message: To all Rangers.

There will not be a July USMRA meeting since the fourth of July is the 1st Thursday of the month.

Ranger Hall of Fame ceremony is scheduled for Wednesday, July 10 at 1 p.m., Bldg. 4, Fort Benning, Georgia.

The next USMRA meeting will be on 1 August 2019.

We need to keep those donations coming in. So please send your donations, USMRA Coin or pin orders to: Robert K. Suchke, Treasurer USMRA PO Box 201, Dahlonega, Georgia 30533


Also do not forget about ordering your Ranger Stone for the Ranger Fire Pit. Contact Ranger Stephen Caldwell FFI. Stones are $75.00 for the half size and $100.00 for the full size 10 inch stone. More Info on this website.

You can use your credit card, debit card, pay from an established bank account or pay with funds in your PayPal account. If you want to mail in your order, send cash, check or money order to:

Robert K. Suchke Treasurer USMRA P.O. Box 201 Dahlonega, Georgia 30533

Remember we operate solely on donations as NO dues are ever collected.

Your generosity keeps us going. 100% of your donations are used to support our Ranger Community.

Thank you. RLTW!

Posted: 6/5/2019
Name: Bob Williams

USMRA monthly meeting June 6 at 1900 at the Overhang.

Posted: 5/29/2019
Name: Bob Williams

The first of three Blinded Vet support activities gets rolling today at Camp Merrill. The hike from Springer Mountain to Camp Merrill on the Appalachian Trail begins tomorrow. The final activity ends a week from Friday. Thanks, for all the USMRA members who will be on hand to support these great individuals as they prove to themselves and everyone around them that blindness isn't the end of outdoor activities.

Posted: 5/24/2019
Name: Bob Williams

From the USARA:

Any and all USMRA members are welcome to book under our room block for special pricing. Rooms come with hot breakfast. Agenda on the USARA website. 75th RRA and USARA are co-producing the event and we have some good stuff like a Casino Night, Ranger Appreciation Night (active duty attendees), an ARTB briefing by Col. Scarpulla, and a Range Day at a firing range nearby. Of course RHOF and RGT CoC are that week also.

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