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Posted: 7/13/2019
Name: Michael Keohane
Message: Due to family commitments, I will not be attending the August meeting. See you all in September.

Posted: 7/11/2019
Name: Bob Williams - Chairman
Message: I would like to thank all of the USMRA members who attended the Ranger Hall of Fame ceremony yesterday to honor all of the inductees. We even had one Ranger drive all the way from Montana. Well done.

Posted: 7/11/2019
Name: Brian Cunningham
Message: Yesterday at Ft Benning, I had the honor of seeing three of our own be inducted into the Ranger Hall of Fame. I am thankful too that my wife, Bebe got to enjoy the festive atmosphere, camaraderie, and celebrating with Rangers young and old. And I wish to extend one more round of well-deserved congratulations to Rangers JD Kirby (my Class 2-70 Tac Officer), Garry Curtis, and Art McCann. Well done, gentlemen!

Posted: 7/8/2019
Name: Tom Wilburn

The induction ceremony for the Ranger Hall of Fame class of 2019 will be Wednesday (10 July 19) at 1300 at Fort Benning (McGinnis Wickham Hall).

Three USMRA members are among the distinguished inductees. Congrats to LTC(R)Kirby, MAJ(R)Curtis, and CSM(R)McCann on their selection and impending induction. Please attend and support these great warriors if you have an opportunity to do so.

Posted: 7/2/2019
Name: Ray Schuetze
Message: Does anyone remember JAMES McCabe from perhaps the early to mid 70’s at the camp? I believe he was helpful in getting the ice hockey league started in Dahlonega at the old ice rink. I was asked for info ref him. Thanks, RLTW!

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