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Posted: 12/19/2018
Name: Tom Wilburn

Tomorrow, 20 December 2018, our newly elected Chairman, Bob Williams will retire from a lifetime of service in public education. Without fanfare or ceremony Bob will retire after 26 years teaching at the middle, high, and technical College levels. His additional duties of mentoring students, athletes, and almost anyone in need will likely continue as Bob is a selfless servant who has always been available to help others. I was fortunate to have served with Bob while he was still on active duty and was sad to see his Military career cut short by injury. When one door closes they say another opens, and for Bob, it was an opportunity to help mold and mentor students in need. I want to extend my congratulations to Bob and his family on the culmination of an amazing career and for his selection as the USMRA chairman. Well done Bob, Rangers Lead the Way!

Posted: 12/18/2018
Name: Bob Williams
Message: The January 3 USMRA meeting has been postponed to January 10 due to the holidays. Same time. Same Place.

Posted: 12/13/2018
Name: Jim Regan
Message: Just logged on and saw that Ranger Bob McMahon has passed on. I've got fond memories of my time at MRC and Bobby. Both Kenny Davenport and I have told and retold the tale of the L-20, parachute operation with Bobby as DZSO. HIGH WINDS! It seems so easy to laugh about those times and wonder how we survived. Rest in Peace Brother Bob.


Posted: 12/10/2018
Name: Robert Frieg
Message: I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! You are all wonderful people that make the World a better place.

Posted: 12/5/2018
Name: Willard Langdon

Visitation for Ranger Bob McMahan will be Thursday, Dec 6th from 2:00 - 4:00 pm and 6:00 - 8:00 pm at Memorial Park Funeral Home, 2030 Memorial Park Drive, Gainesville, GA 30504. Funeral will be Friday, Dec 7th at 11:00 am at Memorial Park Funeral Home Chapel. Willard

Page 10 of 796: Total of 3978 messages
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