On this page we will list interesting book titles and other writings by or about Rangers. Send us an email so we can list your favorites.

The Ranger Book, by Ross Hall, is 700 pages of Ranger history in an easy to read format, backed by Ranger voices dating from WWII. This is an examination of the concept, training and results of the American Ranger experience beginning in 1634 - all in one volume.

"The Creation" a poem by LTC(R) Robert Suchke

An Eye for an Eye, E.F. Bibly has written an excellent story of a Group of US Government sanctioned Contractors that prepare for and hunt down Bin Laden by use of Ranger tactics and newly developed technology.

In the Company of Heroes, by Michael J. Durant CW4(Ret), is a day-by-day account of an American POW held in Somalia--plus much more. Once you start reading, you won't put it down. (ISBN 0-399-15060-9)

Black Hawk Down, Mark Bowden, recounts in vivid detail the horrific events of October 3-4, 1993 in Mogadishu, Somalia. (ISBN 0-14-028850-3)

Ranger School: No Excuse Leadership, by Brace Barber, is a great walk back in time and a chance to review those blessed days of Ranger School and the impact it had on those of us who have been there. (ISBN 096782920-8)

To Be A U.S. Army Ranger, by Russ Bryant. If you enjoy page after page of professionally captured photos of Rangers, you need to get this book. (ISBN 0-7603-1314-8)

Six Silent Men: Book I, Book II, Book III, Written by members of the LRP/Rangers of the 101st in Vietnam.

Secret Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines with the Elite Warriors of SOG, by John Plaster. Not exactly about Rangers but is intense reading.

Soldier, by LTC(R) Anthony Herbert: The book is out of print but check the second-hand book stores. It's worth it!

Ghost Soldiers, by Hampton Sides, is the story of the 6th Ranger Battalion as they patrolled deep behind enemy lines to rescue American and British POWs in the Philippines. (ISBN 0-385-49564-1)

Rangers in World War II, by Robert W. Black, COL , US Army (Ret), 1992, Ballantine Books. Detailed history of WWII Rangers, with Appendices listing Rangers by Battalion. (ISBN 0-8041-0565-0)

To Fight with Intrepidity... John D. Lock, MAJ, US Army, 1998, Pocket Books. History of the US Army Rangers, 1622 to the Present. (ISBN 0-671-01528-10)

The Guts To Try, Col. James H. Kyle, USAF (Ret.), Ballantine Books, New York, 1995. The inside story of the attempted rescue of American Hostages held by Iranian Militants in 1979-1980. Good Reading but only briefly outlines the part of the Rangers (C Co. 1st Bn (Ranger) 75th Inf., under the Command of Col. Williford.

Diary of an Airborne Ranger, Frank Johnson, Ballantine Books, New York, 2001. Chronological account of a LRRPs year in Vietnam and the personal and professional side of his personal story. Many Rangers Mentioned and known to many of us.

The Coveted Black and Gold, JD Lock LTC, USA, (Ret.), Xlibris 2001. A daily journal entry of Ranger school written as the the author endured the toughest school in the world. It will bring memories and feelings long forgotten and laughter at the same time. More, "Been there, done that" memories with the turn of each page. Excellent reading for those planning on this journey. (I'll send a copy to my son in training as I type.) Or for us old timers it retells the many stories we helped make of build upon.
(ISBN 0-7388-9976-3)

Night of the Ranger, by Mark D. Harrell. This is a must read for ANYONE who has been assigned to CFM. The story follows a Lumpkin born Mountain RI, who has been selected to be the class TAC, (Sort of how our liaison's operate today). He is with the class from day 1 to day 58. Anyway, he has some very strong ethical dilemmas. His father is a Grand Wizard. He selects a Jewish soldier and a black soldier and decides to make their life a living hell. 90% of the story takes place here at CFM and as you read the story you can easily visualize everything happening at the camp and in the National Forest. Great Read. I would give it 4 stars for it's authenticity. (ISBN 1-55802-191-4)

My Daddy Is A Superhero, By Helyn Brooks: a children's book that is available by contacting 706-265-5564; Firehouse Coffee Corner of Hwy 400 & 60 & Long Branch Road, Dahlonega, GA.; or soon at the NCO club at Camp Merrill. One half of the profits go to the Spec. Ops Wounded Warrior Foundation. Books are $10.00 ($2.00 shipping and handling.)


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