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Ranger Hall of Fame Nomination Process

The U.S. Mountain Ranger Association (USMRA) has gained a voting seat on the Ranger Hall of Fame (RHOF) Board. This means we can submit up to three nominations for the 2018 and subsequent cycles. USMRA has established a RHOF Committee to insure the most deserving and best-qualified candidates are selected for nominations.

Any USMRA member may recommend a qualified candidate to be considered for nomination. Proposed nominees must have served in a Ranger unit in combat or be a graduate of the U.S. Army Ranger School. He must be separated or retired from active duty for at least three years. Deceased individuals are exempt from the three-year rule.

Recommendations are due to USMRA no later than 7 September 2017. They should be in the form of a letter of nomination outlining the individual's achievements, service, and/or valor in sufficient detail to warrant selection by the USMRA RHOF Committee. In order to be submitted to the RHOF, a nomination packet must include a letter of nomination, list of Ranger assignments, biography, contact information (individual or relative if deceased), proposed citation, 8x10 photograph and a DD214. The individual making the recommendation must be willing to provide this additional information as needed to insure an accurate, complete and competitive nomination packet. Recommendations may be held over for subsequent years at the discretion of the RHOF Committee. Their decisions are final.

The format of the nomination packet and the timeline for submissions are determined by the RHOF and may vary from year to year. This information is usually available in November of the previous year. The USMRA RHOF Committee will assemble and properly format the packets of selected nominees and reserves the right to edit as needed or desired.

Recommendations may be mailed to U.S. Mountain Ranger Association, ATTN: RHOF Committee, 1 Camp Frank D. Merrill, Dahlonega, GA 30533 or e-mailed to bwilliams@usmountainranger.org or co.2nd.rgr.co@gmail.com.



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