USMRA Annual Ranger
Planning Bay Honors

Pursuant to the constitution of the USMRA, especially that part which states: "…to honor and support those who are in keeping with the highest RANGER TRADITIONS," once again this year, we establish this day to honor those veteran instructors who have served with distinction here at Camp Frank D. Merrill (CFM) and are still serving as members of USMRA.

Each of these men has served as an instructor here at CFM or other historic locations of mountain Ranger training. Each honoree has devoted himself to service of our country in peace and in war. Each has trained those Ranger students under their charge and instilled in those students the highest traditions of the Ranger legacy, selfless leadership and the desire to serve our country.

Every student who attends Ranger training here at CFM participates in a planning phase before each training operation. Within the confines of CFM, the planning is conducted at one of six structures located throughout the camp that are known as "planning bays."

To honor these men and mark this occasion, today we are placing a sign on each of the six Ranger planning bays to honor this year’s veteran Ranger instructors who are still serving, each in his own way. These signs will be displayed at the planning bays for a period of one year, when a new group of six veteran CFM Ranger instructors will be likewise honored.

The signs were designed by Ranger Brian Cunningham. The honoree's name is placed in a replica of the traditional Ranger battalion scroll patch including the year each honoree became a Ranger. The scroll patch is laid on an olive green field in which the text of the Ranger Creed has been embossed.

The 2017 honorees:
Buck Ferrand 77
Doug Langston 78
Joe Nowak 78
Kevin Connell 78
Frank Flores 78
Glynn Webb 78

The 2016 honorees:
James Charles 1977
Mike Ramsey 1977
Mark Kazmieczak 1975
Craig Polzin 1978
Phil Carey 1978
Rick Hollar 1978

The 2015 honorees:
Cecil Sager 1976
Edwin Davis 1976
Virgil Geiger 1977
Mike Tilson 1977
Doug Halverson 1977
Alan Vierra 1977

The 2014 honorees:
Steve Hawk 1975
Maek Jordan 1975
Jimmy Owens 1976
Joe Mattison 1976
Rick Lorimor 1976
William Manning 1976

The 2013 honorees:
Andy Anderson 1972
Vic Rosentreter 1973
Charles Plumley 1973
Herbert Baugh 1974
Robert Wahlberg 1975
George Horton III 1975

The 2012 honorees:
Steve Bishop 1971
Tony Delp 1972
Ronald McElliott 1972
Scott Oswald 1972
Dean Papka 1972
Jerry Roberts 1972

The 2011 honorees:
David McClain 1971
Thomas Joyner 1971
Michael Vick 1972
Steven Beltran 1972
Charles DeJarnett 1972
William Janous 1972

The 2010 honorees:
Thomas Brock 1970
Roger Honeyager 1970
Donald Hughes 1970
William Miller 1970
Ted Tilson 1971
Edmond Nelson 1971

The 2009 honorees:
Kenneth Davenport 1959
Robert Wages 1969
Thompson Terrell 1969
Robert K. Suchke 1969
Douglas McCabe 1970
Emmett Hiltibrand 1970

The members of USMRA would like to extend their thanks to the Commander, 5th Ranger Training Battalion and CFM, for his support of this project. We look forward to working with him and those under his command in this and other cooperative endeavors honoring and supporting those who are in keeping with the highest RANGER TRADITIONS.

Rangers Lead the Way!

Respectfully submitted:
Ranger Brian Cunningham


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